About US Methanol

US Methanol was founded in 2016 with the mission to reliably produce and deliver the highest quality methanol at the lowest delivered price to industrial consumers.

We entered the methanol production industry with the acquisition and planned relocation of two existing methanol production facilities having total capacity of more than 350,000 metric tonnes (107 million gallons) per year.

We are relocating these first two methanol plants from Brazil and Slovenia, respectively, to natural gas-rich West Virginia.  We will offer our customers pure, made-in-the-USA methanol—reliably, safely, and at a very competitive price—delivered right to their doorstep


US Methanol’s business office is in Charleston, West Virginia, and we are building the first of our plants in this area as well.  The Liberty One plant is within overnight trucking distance of half of the US population and about a third of the Canadian population.  Access to extensive water, rail, and highway systems make cargo delivery easy and affordable.


US Methanol is planning to supply methanol to its customers mostly by barge, rail, and truck.  The Liberty One plant has direct access to barge shipping lanes near Charleston, West Virginia.  A network of river terminals links Liberty One to ports on the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Liberty One will be a major regional manufacturer benefiting from the abundance of gas in the Marcellus and Utica shale fields.  The low cost of producing natural gas and related byproducts is expected to expand the chemical industry within close proximity to Liberty One.