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KKCG is a long-term, committed investor to US Methanol.  They have been a helping hand throughout the entire process of starting our business and moving the plants to Charleston, West Virginia.


KKCG is a private investment group that actively seeks projects with hidden investment potential.  They have investments in several industries, which include technology, oil and gas, entertainment, travel, real estate, and more over many different countries.

Oil & Gas

KKCG Oil & Gas is a strong and stable multinational group engaged in oil and gas exploration and production in the Czech Republic and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.  The group's continued success hinges on the extensive experience and expertise of its employees, handed down from generation to generation since 1913.

Group-member companies specialize in trading gas, building and operating natural gas storage facilities, providing drilling services, and selling methanol.  KKCG Oil & Gas offers its partners comprehensive services and a professional approach.


KKCG Industry holds stakes in manufacturers of high-quality mechanical products that rank among prominent contractors for capital construction projects in the Czech Republic.  Clients and partners include renowned international corporations from Europe and overseas.


SAZKA Group is a joint venture of the KKCG Investment Group (75%) and EMMA CAPITAL (25%). The SAZKA Group owns the largest Czech lottery company—SAZKA—and holds a stake in OPAP, a Greek lottery company that is one of the largest lottery corporations in Europe.

KKCG owns an indirect share in the Austria-based companies CASAG and Austrian Lotteries and is a member of a consortium holding a license to operate the Italian lottery—Lotto—where it puts into use its extensive experience with the entertainment and gaming industry.


Learn more: http://kkcg.com/en/